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My Chosen Production Company and Why

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

If you’ve read my other blog posts then you’ve gotten some idea as to what this clothing line is all about. To recap, I feel inspired to provide a comfortable and versatile style of clothing for people with conditions that cause abdominal growth and discomfort.

I first learned of Direct to Source at a sourcing event in Las Vegas early last year. I chatted with one of the owners, Holli, who came across as very genuine and good natured. I liked that this was an American owned company because yes, I’m a bit of a patriot, having served in the United States Navy. Additionally, my husband, oldest child, son-in-law and two nephews are all serving as well.

I also liked that the product was produced in an ethical factory in Guatemala and I am welcome to visit whenever I’d like. If I’m being completely transparent—initially, the primary reason was cost effectiveness. It’s less expensive to have the product made there and shipped than it is to have it produced in America. If I can find a way to change that, you know I will.

A business cannot call themselves “ethical” if they’ve not received the appropriate certifications. I love that Direct to Source has full time employees with longevity in the industry, specifically at their factory. I love that when employees do eventually move on, it’s in an upward direction; pursuing their own ambitions, to include college and/or starting their own business venture. I love that they receive higher wages, get weekends off and extra time over Christmas. You get the idea...this business is owned by compassionate, experienced people who know how to run a factory efficiently, while not compromising their principles.

Additionally (and this was huge for me), I had no idea what I was doing. Remember, I’m only here with the goal of helping others like me with a struggle that is very real and unfortunately, very common. Direct to Source offers assistance from start to finish. They created my pattern and tech packs, ordered my fabric, and sent samples; it’s been a very fluid process and has allowed me time to learn more about the industry while still moving forward with my dreams of helping others.

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