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Welcome! This is me...Corinna.

I was born in Missoula, Montana and raised in the tiny town of Alberton. I left for the Navy after high school, before returning to Montana decades later as an air traffic controller and Air Force spouse. I lived in Great Falls with my husband and three kiddos from 2007-2022. The military has since relocated our family to Maryland…duty calls! 


In 2012, I quit my day job to homeschool and travel the world with my children. I am a real estate agent and own a photography business, numerous vacation rentals and a clothing company of sorts. I also advocate for people with rare diseases.


Growing up, my family didn’t have much, so we traveled very little. I swore to my 11-year-old self that I would take my kids everywhere! What 11-year-old Corinna didn’t realize was it takes time and money to do that. My growing desire to explore the world, paired with my desire to serve my country led me to join the Navy when I was 17 and still required a parent’s signature. A month out of high school, I was on my way. I was going to serve my country and see the world—perfect! The military was, more or less, everything I dreamed it would be. When you love something, you tend to be successful doing it…and I was very successful in the Navy. I learned that hard work yields great rewards. By far, the most critical lesson I learned was that I am capable and have unlimited potential. With that newfound confidence, the thought “I can’t” was in the rearview mirror. I traveled; I achieved; I made unbelievable friendships…but I deployed. As we left the pier, my precious two-year-old daughter became increasingly smaller with each turn of the propeller. I still fight back tears when I think about how painful that was. We were reunited 9 months later after an extended deployment. 


Because I attempt to do everything to the best of my ability, prioritization is critical. Raising my daughter was my priority, so I separated from the military. I worked as an air traffic control in the civilian sector for years, but even that did not afford me the time with my children that I so desperately wanted. I decided to quit “working,” so I could stay home with my three children and homeschool them. As of now, my oldest daughter has been to all 50 states, traveled to over 20 countries, excelled in the military, and will be starting her own family soon. My other two children will get to enjoy mom and dad’s first retirement, while helping me run my businesses. They, too, have been to all 50 states and numerous countries. My husband is an Air Force Academy graduate and has devoted his entire adult life to the military as a special operations helicopter pilot, a C-130 pilot and has advanced well into senior leadership. 


When I was in school, I didn’t think I had a brain. When I saw progress in air traffic control school, I assumed I had a brain—but probably a mechanical one. Several decades or so into life, I’m happy to report that both sides of my brain seem to be working effectively! As long as I’ve been an adult (by society’s standards), I’ve had a camera close at hand which has helped me to find beauty in the most unsuspecting places! I also enjoy brain storming new business endeavors and I love helping others. With Chronic, I get to do it all! As I embark on this next chapter, I look forward to utilizing the gifts God gave me to create a product that will be useful to others and hopefully provide me with the platform necessary to BE the change I'd like to see in our ever changing world!

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